My Perfect Valentine’s Day: Dating Two at the Same Time 🖤

Feb 16, 2018

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Two guys? Yes!!! Hahahaha

My little man, and my wonderful husband. This was our 2nd Valentine’s Day for the three of us, and every year is better!

I know every one of us has a different opinion and that’s BEAUTIFUL, because that make us special, so I know how important it is to spend time alone with my husband, and we have those moments “sometimes” and we definitely can do this more because we have my wonderful mother-in-law close by (who is the only person here that I can leave my son with, really, I’m so special) anyways she’s wonderful! But I love spending my time with my two boys!

When I decided to become a mom, I decided that I was ready for this. My little guy is part of us now and I’m so happy and grateful for that. So last year my little one was almost 3 months old, it was really cold outside because it was winter haha, so we decided to bring a romantic dinner home 🖤 with candles, a delicious dinner from the Cheesecake Factory, dessert, martinelli's, Netflix, and of course with our sunshine Jojo, and it was such a BEAUTIFUL night, I never felt so happy on valentine's Day!

In México we call this day “The Day of Love and Friendship”, so this year we celebrated the same way, we decided to do something fun for the three of us, like friends, like the family that we are, so we bought my favorite gourmet donuts, that of course Joel and Jojo love too haha, our favorite dinner, and we went to a special and favorite place of Jojo, the park! Yes!! We spent time at the park and we had tons of fun!!

love and donuts on Valentine's Day

We celebrate every day the love in our family, I tell my husband how much I love him and he does the same in SO many ways, but this day is just an excuse to teach my son that we can always be friends, a family no matter what, and like I always say my mom was and will be my best friend, she’s my person, and I hope some day Jojo can think the same about me, this Valentine’s Day definitely was pure love and fun 🖤

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