A Little Bit About Me

Jan 26, 2018

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Hello everyone!!

I'm Nayeli and I am from Monterrey, Mexico; and I feel so proud of that! I was born in that wonderful city 25 years ago, life in Mexico is awesome!

The best memories that I have are when I was there and I love every time that I come back because you know, home is where your heart and tacos are haha. But also I love my new home too with my husband, baby Jojo, and of course my new family!

I graduated in Graphic Design in Monterrey, I work as a photographer and that is one of the reasons for my happiness.

I LOVE food, soccer, going outside, cooking, tea, everything about makeup, photography, talking with people, smiling, mexican food, dogs, running, music, dancing, helping people, Mexico, dreaming, and being friendly. I'm that person that will tell you how beautiful and pretty you are.

I'm married to my wonderful best friend and we have our little sunshine, Jojo ❤ but that's another story!

Tell your friends!

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